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Ruff Ruling for Nationwide: Ohio Court Says Insurer Must Cover Canine Bite

February 8, 2023

An Ohio Court of Appeals panel said that Nationwide must indemnify a canine owner whose bulldog bit a passer-by, ruling that a policy exclusion barring coverage for bodily injury for a dog with a prior history of attacking or biting did not apply because the bulldog did not have an established history of aggressive behavior.

The Eighth Appellate District County of Cuyahoga heard Nationwide’s appeal in the case of Todd Benjamin Rolinc v. Nick Williams, et al. Williams held a Nationwide homeowner’s insurance policy at the time his bulldog named Beastro attacked Rolick on August 2, 2020. Beastro bit Rolick several times, resulting in injuries and requiring medical attention. Police responded to the scene and filed a report.

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